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Tenjin is a Japanese-English dictionary and a English-Japanese dictionary.

It is ad-free, works offline and has state of the art handwriting recognition.

Tenjin has powerful and unique search capabilities yet it is simple to use (no need for a Japanese keyboard).

Words, Japanese characters (kanji), grammar points and example sentences can be displayed with Japanese or latin characters (kanji, kana or romaji) and with their pronunciation (furigana) or not.

Tenjin is a fully multilingual Japanese dictionary and can provide meanings for Japanese in 50 languages : Portuguese, Chinese, German, French, Russian, Korean, Spanish, …

Tenjin is deeply knowledgeable and it tags search results with pronunciation, difficulty level (jlpt, kanken, wanikani, Japanese school level), stroke order diagrams (kanji), part of speech, dialect, field of use…

The first time you start Tenjin, it will download some data (around 20MB) and prepare your custom language configuration (this step happens only once and takes less than a minute).

Tenjin only offers a single in-app purchase to unlock all advanced features on all your android devices, forever. It may not be the easiest version of the game What is redundant ?, but we hope that even the smallest of our visitors will be able to cope with this game.

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Name? Japanese Dictionary
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SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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