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Improve your notifications with 8-bit sounds from the greatest era of video games!

This application includes 275+ unique 8-bit sound files to use as notifications for your device.

They’re just like the ones you remember. You can save them to your notifications library to use later as well as directly applying a selected notification sound with a simple press.

Note: This is the free version, a complete version with all sounds included is available in the Google Play store for $1 USD.

8-bit era consoles for video games are generally considered the “third generation” happening around 1983 to 1984. The Nintendo Family Computer then renamed to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and the Sega SG-1000 are the most prominent members of this family of consoles. The Sega Master System was soon to follow along with the Atari 7800. The best selling of all during this period was the NES/Famicom which remained the best selling console of all time up until the original PlayStation. The technological advancement of introducing 16 bit systems such as the ones found in the Mega Drive/Genesis were usually considered to be the difference between the end of the third generation and beginning of the fourth generation of video game systems.

Donkey Kong was one of the best selling early arcade games produced by Nintendo. Donkey Kong, Mario and Princess Peach were originally designed as characters from the cartoon series Popeye. However they failed to obtain the rights to do so, so the characters are as we know them today. The first version of Donkey Kong helped invent the D-Pad controller, Gunpei Yokoi (who also designed the Game Boy) decided that a cross shape with a concave center was the best way to control the 2D movement of Mario in the game.

The most famous cartridge for the original NES system was the one that came with it, Super Mario / Duck Hunt. The character of Mario was named after the Nintendo warehouse landlord in Seattle named Mario Segale. Mario appeared in Punch-Out!! without formal permission, artist Makoto Wada simply drew Mario as the referee. He never asked for formal permission however, maybe that’s why his face is a little off. Luigi first appeared in the 1983 Game and Watch’s handheld version of Mario Bros, they were working at a bottling plant, I guess they weren’t certified to be plumbers yet. Memory space was very limited and had to be reused if necessary. This is why the 2nd playable character is usually a clone of the original (including Luigi), because they couldn’t add any more new colors to the game, they made Luigi green the same as the turtle shell color green in the game, he’s been green ever since. In Japan The Legend of Zelda was voice activated, it allowed for players to kill certain enemies by shouting into the gamepad. According to the instruction manual, which was sold internationally. It stated that Pols Voice enemy “hated loud noises”. A little confusing for most, but made perfect sense to the Japanese players having the right controller. There was an amazing version of duck hunt before what we know today as the classic NES game. It was a projector that presented moving ducks on the wall where you would shoot them with a very similar light gun, there’s no laughing dog however.

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