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Start playing this fun game, which will make you think and guess answers for hours.

Do you like to guess and play charades? If so, this game is perfect for you. 94% is an app from the same creators of 94 Seconds and 94 Degrees, and which goal is to get you thinking and guessing based on probabilities and questions.

The goal is to discover 94% of the given answers to a question. Those questions may vary, so you will have to get your brain working to get to all the answers. For example, one of the questions can be ‘What is something that you eat with your hands?’, to which you can provide answers such as Hamburgers, Ribs, Hot Dogs, among many others in order to reach the 94% of answers.

The app is free to play and was designed for your Android device, so you can expect a seamless experience. Its design is very clean so you can focus on what really matters: winning the game. 94% is the perfect game to play with your family and friends, as it allows you to get all of them involved by providing hints and solving the questions together.

If you think you are up to this challenge, download 94% now and see who can get the most answers out of your friends!

About This Apk
Size57.28 MB
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +