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Download 99 Names of Allah apk free . #99_Names_of_Allah . “Asma” is an Arabic word which means “names”, while “Husna” stands for “beautiful” so “Asma ul Husna” stands for beautiful names of allah. As in Quran Allah Says.

“The most beautiful names belong to him (Allah). Surah Al-Hashr Verse 24

“There are 99 names of Allah, and that anyone who memorizes all the names will be awarded paradise.” – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said

99 Names of ALLAH is free application to read beautiful names of Allah on your smart phone and Tablets.

This application also help you to learn and memorize the 99 names of allah which is also known as Asma-ul-Husna it also help user to remember the meaning, benefits, and effects of recitation of that specific allah name

This app contains 99 Allah names in urdu/ arabic with meanings and its benefits of recitation.

– All beautiful names of Allah.

– Allah Names are also called Asma ul Husna.

– Every name of allah has a unique meaning

– Every name of allah has its own benefits of recitation.

– 99 names of Allah in urdu.

– Asma ul Hasna in urdu and their meanings.

– 99 allah names / Asma ul Husna benefits of recitation.

– Names of allah in urdu translation.

– Names of allah with its detailed meaning in urdu.

– Read 99 names of allah with proper explanation.

– app that helps you to know and memorize the beautiful 99 names of Allah.

– Each allah name has its own importance and solution of human problems if recited on daily basis.

– Allah kay naam se ilaj.

– Allah key naam se muskilat ka hal.

– Allah kay naamo ka zikr.

– Allah ka zikr

– Allah key naamo sey rohani ilaj.

at the moment this app is FREE but contains add to support developer, very soon Insha-Allah we will make this app free from adds with all muslims support.


– 99 Names of allah in Arabic/Urdu.

– All names are swipe able.

– all names of allah with detailed meaning and description in urdu.

– Universal Application that work with almost all type of android devices

including phone /tablets

– Image Counter.

– all allah names can be Zoom in / Zoom out.

– Go to Image number feature.

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