AmazingText Fonts Pack 1

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Download AmazingText Fonts Pack 1 apk free . #AmazingText_Fonts_Pack_1 . AmazingText: make your homescreen beautiful, special and personalized!

** This is a Fonts Pack for AmazingText Plus **

** You need the Plus version of AmazingText to use these fonts **

** Get AmazingText Plus here: **

AmazingText will make your homescreen more beautiful, special and personalized.

With AmazingText you can create custom text widgets, with cool fonts and lots of effects.

Make your homescreen look exactly the way you want!

Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter:* Included fonts:

Alto Voltaje (by MuraKnockout Media & Design)

AmazGoDa (by Amazingmax)

AmazHand First (by Amazingmax)

Aovel Sans Rounded (by Álvaro Thomáz)

appo paint (by Grafito Design)

Aracnoide (by Grafito Design)

Arual (by Curtis Mack)

Averia (by Dan Sayers)

BDP OldNeo (by Álvaro Thomáz)

Brand New Day (Midnight) (by MuraKnockout Media & Design)

Carol e Alexandre (by Rodolfo Santos)

Cenobyte (by Sinister Visions)

Cerebro (by MuraKnockout Media & Design)

Chamaco (by Grafito Design)

Cicle Fina (by La Tipomatika)

Cicle Shadow (by La Tipomatika)

Diamante (by MuraKnockout Media & Design)

Dinosaur Skin (by Joseph Ekloff)

Donree’s Claws (by Sinister Visions)

Existence Light (by Yeah Noah)

Font Interrupted (by MuraKnockout Media & Design)

Ice Age (by Florian Doyen)

Kingthings Bloone! (by Kingthings)

Kingthings Eggypeg (by Kingthings)

Kingthings Exeter (by Kingthings)

Kingthings Gothique (by Kingthings)

Kingthings Lupine (by Kingthings)

Kingthings Printingkit (by Kingthings)

Kingthings Wrote (by Kingthings)

Kingthings Xander (by Kingthings)

Kingthings Xander Outline (by Kingthings)

La Quince de Mayra (by MuraKnockout Media & Design)

Lower-Optic Fibercase (by Joseph Ekloff)

Manly Man (by Andrew McCluskey)

Moony Cat (by uZiMweB)

MuraKnockout (by MuraKnockout Media & Design)

Overload (by Grafito Design)

Pleej (by Kristof Decloedt)

Salade De Fruits (by uZiMweB)

Shock Rock (by Ezkiel Hughes)

Smile Comix (by Jethro Martino Paras)

Spider Gotic (by Grafito Design)

Square Kids (by Grafito Design)

Talacha (by Grafito Design)

Unquiet Spirits (by Sinister Visions)

Zikketica (by Brian Zick)

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