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Apple recipes

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In this application, you will have:

– 60 tasty recipes with photos


* Aapple dessert

* Apple and cabbage salad with honey and mustard

* Apple cake with caramel Mosaic

* apple charlotte

* Apple cheesecake

* Apple cider donuts

* Apple Crisp

* Apple fritters

* Apple kasserol with bourbon

* Apple millefeuille with berries

* Apple mini cheesecakes

* Apple mini-biscuits

* Apple parfait

* Apple pie

* Apple pie Maman Blanc

* Apple puff pastry envelope

* Apple sauce

* Apple Scone – traditional English muffins

* Apple strudel

* Apple tart Tatin

* Apple Tatin with Camembert cheese

* Apple-pear crumble, chocolate

* Apples baked in foil

* Apples baked with cheese

* Apples with cinnamon

* Applesauce

* Applesauce

* Baked Apples

* Baked apples with cinnamon

* Baked apples with nuts and spices

* Caramel apple strudel

* Chicken breast with cheddar in apple sauce

* Chicken liver with apples in wine sauce

* Chicken salad with apple

* Chicken with sage and apples

* Cocktail salad with ham, cheese and apples

* Dumplings

* French toast with apples and bourbon

* Honey-apple challah

* Hot apple cider with spices

* Hungarian apple pie

* Pandowdy

* Pies with apples and dried cranberries

* Pork baked with apples and prunes

* Pork with apples, baked in foil

* Poultry stuffing with apples and cranberries

* Rolls with caramel apple sauce

* Salad of Brussels sprouts, apple and bacon

* Salad of chicken hearts with beans and apples

* Salad with bacon, apples and celery

* Salad with cabbage, apple and raisins

* Salad with cabbage, apples and oranges

* Salad with cabbage, grapes and apple

* Salad with chicken liver and apples

* Salad with herring, potatoes and apples

* Snack of apples and cheese

* Spiced apple and ginger biscuits

* Spiced pumpkin and apple cider

* Spicy apple chips

* Steamed buns, apples and cheese

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