AstroBot: Horoscope, Palmistry & Tarot Reading

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Welcome, I’m your fortune teller, and I can predict your future.

The fortune teller provides you astrology predictions through free daily horoscope, palmistry, tarot card reading, numerology, coffee cup readings and dream interpretation. Get immediate answers about love, relationship, money, health.

Future seer: learn more about your future life.
Looking for career advice or love advice? Are you looking for answers? AstroBot will give you an answer. You can choose to get a yes or no answer with with yes or no tarot functionality or a complete answer with tarot reading.

Future teller features:
– Daily Horoscope offline: free daily horoscope 2020 for each zodiac sign.
– Free Tarot Reading: Yes or No Tarot & Cards Meaning. A tarot reading gives you guidance for your relationship, your career, and any other area of your life.
– Palmistry: discover how to read palm lines. Palmistry with the meaning of palm reading or hand prediction is to learn a person’s personalities, fortune and future by analyzing his/her hands.
– Coffee cup readings, Numerology and Runes reading
– Dream Interpretation: fortune teller AstroBot can assist you in your personal dream interpretation and dream meanings.
– Complete astrology: 12 zodiac signs, celtic horoscopes, chinese and mayan zodiac signs, egyptian horoscope

Some fortune teller predictions are available for free, others astrology predictions like yes or no tarot, egyptian horoscope can be obtained through the use of experience points (XP).
Do you need help to predict your future? Download the future seer AstroBot, the most complete fortune teller app!
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About This Apk
NameAstroBot: Horoscope, Palmistry & Tarot Reading
Size26.51 MB
DeveloperTesta Andrea
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +