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AUTO DATA SWITCH 3G allows you to save a bit ‘ of the battery by disabling 3G when connected to Wi- Fi or disabling Wi-Fi when you are on 3G! Everyone knows that the battery consumption by the 3G data connection is huge , but even more so if you leave the Wi- Fi connection when not in use (eg when you are out traveling or in places where there is no Wi LAN ) and not many of us are connected to a wifi or not connected, remember to disable it ! Well, 3G AUTO DATA SWITCH does it for you!

Many people ask me , “But my phone has this function , I see the small icon change from 3G to WiFi alone ! ”

I answer : It ‘s true , the phone SWITCHING from 3G to Wi-Fi but not automatically OFF THE DATA CONNECTION it nor OFF THE WI – FI if connected in 3G!

How it works:

Once installed and opened AUTO DATA SWITCH 3G will see a welcome message , a button and you’ll see a brief message on the vehicle! At this point you may as well close AUTO 3G DATA SWITCH !

Question: ” And if you do not want to connect it to WIFI 3G in it ? ”

Answer: Just click on the button that says “Disable App” ! In this way, it is as if AUTO DATA SWITCH 3G is not installed !

What it does:

If you are connected to WIFI, 3G AUTO DATA SWITCH DISABLE 3G data connection and records the Wi-Fi you are connected to .

As soon as you disconnect from Wi-Fi or exit from its range (about 20 meters) , AUTO DATA SWITCH enable 3G data connection and after a minute disable WI – FI !

If you reconnect automatically to a WI – FI already saved or you approach a Wi-Fi is already registered in the APP , AUTO DATA SWITCH AUTOMATICALLY ENABLE the WI-FI, and DISABLE 3G data connection!

Question: ” How much RAM and CPU consuming because it works in the BACKGROUND ? ”

Answer: ” Nothing ! Activates only when you change connection mode or exit the range of the Wi-Fi and instant ! ”

The graphics have been greatly improved !

Navigation using the Tab ** **

Viewing ** Wi-Fi ** recorded on the map

Viewing and removal ** Wi-Fi ** recorded

Viewing ** SSID , connection speed , location and info about the status of notifications **

Adding notifications ** **

** Widget to Activate / Deactivate the App **

Download this App to save time and battery!

Stay Tuned !

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Auto 3G Data Switch: disattiva il Wifi quando usi la rete 3G

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