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This is Muslims Azan Time and Waktu Salat Timing Reminder Kiblat Which will calculate The Azan time of Prayers All our the world.

This Application Azan Time Alarm Also include Islamic Calendar.

Islamic Calendar will calculate Islamic Dates. it Also include English Calendar with Muslims Islamic calendar.

Muslims Prayer Time or Waktu Salat is an accurate Athan Time Calculating Moazin App which will Alarm and remind on given time.

Prayer and Waktu Salat adzan Time has Auto Silent Mode as well as vibration Mode.

Full Screen Mode Also Available during Ataan (Adhan) or Moazin, Adzan.

This App Also tell user about Remaining time of next Azan and Prayer.

There is also a Digital magnetic Compass for Qibla Direction or Kiblat to know where is the Direction of Qibla which some time called khana kaba or some people called it qibla sani. some says kahba.

Qibla Direction will tell you about the Direction of Khana Kaba and Kibla locator.

Namaz Time which some time called Sally has the ability to turn on and off Alarm.

it also calculate shafi, hanafi Time.

Salah Alarm can easily turn on and off.

in this free Waktu Salatuk time reminder there is also a function of change your language. you can change it to Arabic, Italian, English and French.

this Azan Time Alarm Sally and Salah Timer Moazin adzan make user to use its GPS Location so the app can calculate Prayer and Azan Time with Moazin.

in this Salatuk Time Reminder you can also change country.

user can use it without GPS you can search your city and country.

there are 45 thousand cities included in this application.

user can easily change azan (solat) voice and Moazin sound of prayer time.

Namaz Times Fajar, Zuhar, Asar, Maghirb and Isha.

Best Islamic app for Masjid as well as for an individual.

include Hijri Calendar.

In this Namaz Time App you can change your time zone.

any body can easily select his mazhab hanafi and shafi ..

if you are in travel or away do not need to be worry now this app will be helpful for you.

this App is made for all world.Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Russia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh and others. ***Another first new feature:

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