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Download beef fry cooking games apk free . #beef_fry_cooking_games . Hi, today is a beautiful day. We can enjoy the sunshine and go to the park but we decided to get the lunch in the garden with our family. Beautiful, is not it? Sure and you adore family meals when everyone meets so sure you will like this cooking beef game for kids. We at the dinner in family want to serve a special food namely beef with melon. After the name you certainly think that is very delicious to taste but you to have to cook.

You have to follow all instructions of this cooking game for children and you will be able to prove to everyone that you are a very good cook.

We wish you success!

1) On the table you will find everything you need, you will need to add in a bowl the following ingredients: beef, oil, water, vinegar, granulated garlic, mustard, white wine and tomato sauce. Mix with a wooden spoon;

2) Turn the stove, place a pan on medium heat and then add oil to fry beef;

3) In another pan you must add: oil, onion, chunks of watermelon, red paprika, grated lemon, pieces of meat, salt and pepper. Mix with a wooden spoon;

4) The food is ready, you can decorate and serve anyway you want.

Thank you for your help, will be a family dinner very beautiful. You’re a good friend and a very good cook.

You can come back every day to help us through this cooking game for kids.

Have fun and bon appetite!

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