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Download Bonanza Health apk free . #Bonanza_Health . Bonanza Healthcare allows you to try Bonanza Health App, a one of a kind Health Management Application by signing up for a Free trial. Simply visit the link below, follow the instructions & signup for a free trial now.

Bonanza Health Card Free Trial – https://www.bonanzahealthcare.com/index.php/buy-health-card/free-trial

Bonanza Health Card is a one of its kind unique product which offer concierge service to its members for all their health care needs. Just one SMS or one call and all your health care needs are taken care of by our experts who will guide and help you in selecting and booking the best facility for your health care need at your convenient time, location and date.

Apart from that BHC also offers discounts to its members ranging from 15% to 60% during the pre hospitalization process for diagnostic tests through its affiliations across the country. We currently have over 300 affiliations across the country, (including the best and the big names in the diagnostic business) where the members can avail discounts.

Discounts offered by Bonanza Health Card is not only limited to health care segments, but we also have affiliations across wellness categories also like Spa, Dieticians, yoga centers, dental & skin clinics, eye care centers etc.

Apart from this, a member of Bonanza Health Card can also manage his personal health records (PHR) in digitalized format thorough this application, which can come real handy for sharing with doctors for second opinions, without actually visiting them physically. Digitalized personal health record also comes very handy during emergency situations and can be accessed very easily by the doctors to provide timely treatments. It also gives the flexibility to the members to avail the services of E-Hospitals (on demand consultation, without actually visiting the doctor) which is a part of this application, the newest thing in the market.

This application is also loaded with a host of other features like and SOS or distress button which will help its users to send distress (SOS) messages to its near and dear one, booking an appointment for diagnostic test through a call recording, converting physical health record into digital format just by clicking pictures from the camera and storing it in the user’s personal dash board, medicine schedulers, other health calculators like vaccination scheduler, diet calculators, BMI index etc.

To use this applications, users will first have to enroll for Bonanza Health Card membership through its website www.bonanzahealthcare.com. On successful purchase of a membership plan, you will receive a user id and a password to manage the dashboard and use its innovative features.

Do use this application and share your feedback and suggestions. We will be happy to implement and changes and suggestions as requested by you. It will be our constant endeavour to enhance the user experience and come up with more innovative features and health calculators to help you manage your health in a more proficient way.

About This Apk
Name Bonanza Health
Size 2.67 MB
Version 1.0.9
Developer Bonanza Medical Tourism Pvt. Ltd.
Category Others
Supports Android 4.0 +