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Download Canada Flag LWP apk free . #Canada_Flag_LWP . The national flag of Canada, shown in picture, animated live Wallpaper by our developers. Canada is a country located between two oceans: Pacific and Atlantic that symbolizes the flag. Red and white are the official colors of the country, the maple leaf became a symbol of Canada. Animated maple leaves our developers have enlivened the picture. In the settings of our live Wallpapers you will put themselves, their number, speed and direction, when you download the app on your smartphone or tablet. On your device, it will install quickly and efficiently, and takes up very little space. The application takes a minimum of energy of your device passed all testing on the latest models and works great on legacy. A maximum positive of our Wallpapers will be the tap on the animated leaf and the flipping of the screen. The app is completely free. Canada is one of the most developed countries on the North American continent. Its capital is Ottawa, located on the banks of the Ottawa river, called the city of bridges and beautiful parks. The nature of this country is rich in forest, minerals and fur-bearing beast. To have in the collection of your gadget flag live Wallpaper, it is Patriotic for the people of this beautiful country and respect for guests and friends of Canada.


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Name Canada Flag LWP
Size 2.39 MB
Version 1.0
Developer Aquasun Live Wallpaper
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Supports Android 4.0 +