Celebrity Mug Shots

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Everybody loves a celebrity mugshot.
Hey, celebrities are human too right? It’s just more interesting when we see them at their very worst
without all the glam and make over.
With over 300 mugs Celebrity Mugshot is sure to fulfill your daily mugshot need.

Includes a simple slideshow so you can pan through all the shots.

Also two different games:
Select the name of the mugshot from a list of three choices. How many can you name in 90 seconds.

Also a spelling game. Ready for a test? See how well you can spell your favorite celebrity’s name.

Which one will be your favorite? O.J. Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, or maybe Flavor Flav.

About This Apk
Name Celebrity Mug Shots
Size 13.31 MB
Version v4
Developer ApkHut LLC
Category Others
Supports Android 4.0 +