Celebrity Say What?

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Download Celebrity Say What? apk free . #Celebrity_Say_What? . We all say the dumbest things some of the time.
The words just don’t come out right.

It’s just funnier when a celebrity does it. Right?
Some of the dumbest things come out of a famous persons mouth.
Play ‘Celebrity Say What?’ and get your fix of stupidity.

Includes hundreds of quotes from your favorite (or not so favorite) famous dumb person.
Play a game and see how many dumb quotes you can match to the right celebrity.
Quotes from actors, sports stars, presidents, singers, scientists, and even a magazine.

Some noteworthy multiple entries are:
George Bush
Brittany Spears
Paris Hilton
Dan Quayle (sorry, unavoidable)

Check it out.
There are surely some names you may not recognize but what they say will keep you
thinking ‘Celebrity Say what?’.

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