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THIX Chemist is A Chemistry Lab in Your Bag. No matter whether you are a chemist or not, THIX Chemist is the only one virtual chemistry lab on Google Play for you to study, research or just play like a game. You can pick up and pour the beaker by your fingers. Want to put some cesium(Cs) into a bottle of water? Just try it!


• Virtual Reality

You can pour the beaker, suck and release the burette in the 3D virtual lab and do any operation carefully as you do in the real lab.

• No Danger

You can do some dangerous experiments that you will never have an chance to do in a real lab. For example, put a little peace of Caesium(Cs) into a bottle of water and see what will happen.

• Real-time Computing.

Tracing the accurate mass, temperature, density and volume of every substance in every container. You can see all data clearly with the Label tools.

• Play & Learn

Learn from playing. Chemist is definitely designed for everyone, no matter you are good at chemistry or not.

• Environmental Friendly.

No waste and pollution of harmful chemical.

We are doing our best to simulate the real lab for you. So when you are using Chemist instead of the real chemistry lab, you are lessen the toxicant releasing and protect our planet.

• And much more…

Official site:http://www.thixlab.comFacebook: @thixss

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