City Bank Robbery Mafia Heist: Virtual Gangster 3D

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Being a real gangster isn’t easy, especially when you’re the mastermind behind a virtual grand city criminal bank robbery that’s about to get wild. A bank robbery is nothing like stealing from a supermarket. This virtual game is going to give a mad thug’s crime city life a new meaning! The aim is to steal hard cash, go crazy because you’re going to need the money to buy weapons including virtual guns. Protect yourself using your super punch and multiple selection of weapons as you have to bypass the bank manager, police security and SWAT teams. Don’t leave your Vegas gangster squad behind! Wear your scary clown mask and start shooting! Let out your criminal instincts in this bank heist, you need to rob the entire bank vault not the ATM!

Think big and be ruthless, in this engaging and thrilling virtual mad city mafia robbery. Walk out of the casino and beat people to get money. Buy guns with cash that you had to snatch and start robbing the bank. Defend your crew when the alarm is triggered and the counter terrorism unit surround the bank with cars and a helicopter. Take unknown hostages to make this theft possible and to avoid a shoot-out with the police. But if the hostage runs then start firing and escape to be the battle royale champ you know you can be!

Be the virtual mob boss in this cyber world and hijack the bank’s cash delivery van. Eliminate the virtual cops and prove your gang is better than the Italian or Russian mafia gangsters. Play this criminal robbery game and feel the thrill! Drive and steal the security truck full of cash and be the biggest thief the Miami police have seen! Wear your mask and make this clown robbery possible, and tell the world you’re ready to be the underworld king. Rob the bank, steal cash from the bank manager and cash register. But remember, it won’t be easy! You’ll have to measure the entire security risk and shoot down the anti-crime squad by attacking as a thief.

This grand city robbery and mafia heist shooting game will give you the action you need. Take over the bank cash transit van & protect your crime lords from high speed police car chase. Lead your mafia cartel & crooks and liars and witness mafia shootout like Mexican cartel in the middle of cops’ vs robbers, be the criminal clown and witness the crime mad city battle royale. Play one of the best clown action games as a looter in this transit game of cops & robbers.

· Play as a virtual grand gangster, in a third person shooting game 2018

· Multiple missions include robbing the bank, car driving including driving the security van full of cash, stealing from the cash counter in this TPS grand robbery game 2k18

· Different thrilling and engaging shooting missions by acting as a clown gangster

· Challenging 3D environment with extreme stealth survival to fight those in cop mode

· Plan your gangster escape using multiple weapons like Sniper, Ak47 and other guns.

· Thrilling car driving to escape police chase & play the security van simulator

About This Apk
NameCity Bank Robbery Mafia Heist: Virtual Gangster 3D
Size66.06 MB
DeveloperCollider Game Studio
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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