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Compass is called as –

1. होकायंत्र in Marathi [मराठी]

2. दिक्सूचक or कुतुबनुमा in Hindi [हिंदी]

3. নৌদিগ্দর্শী in Bangla [বাংলা]

4. હોકાયંત્ર in Gujrati [ગુજરાતી]

5. ਕੰਪਾਸ in Punjabi [ਪੰਜਾਬੀ]

Compass [होकायंत्र]” is a good app for “Indian users” as it displays all 8 directions [दिशा] in regional languages such as: Marathi, Hindi, Gujrati, Bangla, Punjabi.

Compass [होकायंत्र] is works very well on your “wear device too…

In marathi [मराठी] and Hindi [हिंदी]; we read all 8 directions [दिशा] as:

1. East = Purva [पूर्व]

2. North East = Ishanya [ईशान्य]

3. North = Uttar [उत्तर]

4. North West = Vayavya [वायव्य]

5. West = Pashchim [पश्चिम]

6. South West = Nairutya [नैऋत्य]

7. South = Dakshin [दक्षिण]

8. South East = Aagney [आग्नेय]

Use this app just like a real compass and for best results keep your device on a flat surface.

This is a very simple to use app and uses very less battery.

This app reads earth magnetic field using the ‘Magnetic Sensor’ inside your phone.

Hence this app will not work – in case if your device doesn’t have ‘Magnetic Sensor’.

Also, please note that objects such as – iron/steel peripherals or utensils, big speakers may influence the ‘Magnetic Sensor’ and cause app to point in wrong direction. In such case, please move away to avoid deviation.

About This Apk
NameCompass [होकायंत्र]
Size9.10 MB
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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