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Download David Blaines Magic Trick apk free . #David_Blaines_Magic_Trick . Now you can discover how all of the most stunning street magic tricks are done in this awesome master manual of illusions. We reveal all of the most amazing tricks as performed by David Blaine in his video specials. From the simplest card tricks to the weirdest illusions, this eBook covers the lot.

Armed with the knowledge in this one eBook, you’ll have the ability to make the impossible happen, anytime, anywhere, and in front of anyone! Before long, your friends will start to see you as a miracle worker! You’ll be able to amaze anyone at anytime with an incredible array of illusions. You can make people think you’re psychic. You can liven up parties and gain respect from everyone. Plus, you can win bets and make money performing in the street, bars, restaurants and at private parties!

Here’s a taste of what you’re about to learn in this awesome new eBook. . . Many of these illusions have been performed by magicians like David Blaine, Paul Xenon, Derren Brown and David Copperfield… and they can all be performed just as easily by YOU!

Table Of Contents:


Twisting Arm illusion

Cigarette Through The Coin Trick

Psycho Kinetic Time

Coffee To Coins Street Magic Trick

Ace Shake

Paul Xenon Tax Disc Removal Secret

Coin Bite And Restored Coin

String Magic Trick

Fly Resurrection

David Blaine Mind Reading Style Trick

The Pop-Up Card (Fruit Loops)

Two Card Monte

Voodoo Ash

Cough Cough

Card In Bottle

Coin Vanish

David Blaine’s Card Through Window Trick

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