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Dev Tools+ is a small app that’s completely open source.

It can

* Open URLS to help test your apps

* [ROOT] List the WakeLocks in use on your device (if you remove them all, then your device might sleep better)

* Calculate Modulus 11 (Don’t know why you’d want it, but it does it if you do)

* Show icons of installed application’s bounding boxes (useful for seeing which ones intrude as I am a bit obsessive with that!)

* Host Server – you can hook up to a local server on your computer via USB for testing apps without putting anything live! (Tethering, but limited in the other direction!)

That’s it! (If you want more features, you are welcome to fork it on GitHub!)

Open source libraries used:

* Android Support Lib

* Android Async by koush

* Netty

* Webbit

(Forgot to add them in-app, sorry guys!)

About This Apk
NameDev Tools+
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SupportsAndroid 4.0 +