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Download Donut Maker and Decoration-Cooking game apk free . #Donut_Maker_and_Decoration-Cooking_game . Welcome to the Donut Maker and Decoration! Here, you can make soft and sweet donuts by yourself. Have fun and learn how to prepare your favorite snack.

Walking in the donut shop is a sweet assault on your senses. Here you can make some delicious and out of the box creations Bake the donut cake like the round has been melt into colors of rainbow and galaxy. Cook sweet warm donut glazed with rainbow and galaxy creams with kind of designs and decorations to amaze everyone. The only thing eating donuts is cooking donut! Are you ready to get cooking some Delicious Donuts? In this game, you get bake up some tasty donuts at the sweetest Donut Shop. Use baking tools to make, fry and decorate delicious donut and Serve to hungry customers! After cooking donut, you have to decorate and design the donut as you like. The sweet crunchy and softness of the donut and the yummy icing of Donut will look realistic that you can practically taste.

As Delicious Donuts! get ready, the fragrance of donuts with its awesome icing will attracts hungry customers, and make mad them to eat sweet donuts. So make and serve several types of yummy donuts with kinds of flavors as you needs. These flavor are of different colors. The smell of tasty donuts and the beautiful colors and designs. The sweet taste as you take your first bite. Read to make your own?

Make rainbow donut, creates the unique magic rainbow desserts!

First of all collect all thing, required to make donut like flour, milk, cheese or butter, water etc. Then use tools to prepare dough, after that get ready a raw donut with the different shapes as you like i.e. heart, square, round, etc. Here shape is round i.e. regular shape of donut. So get frame of it and make a shape. Ad then fry the donut, as it is done decorate and frost them! You may even use ice cream, milkshakes, coffee and more to serve them.

How to Play:

– Pick necessary things to make donut

– mix them and make dough for donut

– rolling dough

– make raw donut with shape you like

– fry raw donut

– Bake the donut

– Decorate the donut

– Pick your favorite flavor to make

– Cook up the sweetest decorated donut

– Finally, it’s time to eat your donut…Serve the sweetest donut

Donut Maker Features:

– Easy to play for users of all ages

– Follow directions and cook donuts

– Different Tons of decorations to choose

– Share your donuts shop with friends.

It’s a totally free cooking game!

Hope you enjoyed playing our cooking game and if you want more features for this game please leave a comment.

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