Driving Zone: Germany

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Get your hands on the best cars made in Germany and take the wheel in Driving Zone: Germany.

Simulator games can be some of the most fun you can have on your Android phone and Driving Zone: Germany takes it to a whole other level. Get behind the wheel of a wide selection of cars produced in Germany like the best modern sports cars, luxury cars or vintage ones you’d never dream of owning. Marvel at the details and realistic sounds coming from their engines; you’ll feel like you’re driving the real thing!

Race all the way to the finish line in 4 different and unique tracks. Drive at high speeds in the wide highways or go through authentic German cities and enjoy the view.

Win the competitions and earn points by aggressively overtaking your opponents. You’ll be able to spend those to upgrade your cars and unlock extra modes and features for the game!

Let’s not forget this is a simulation game! You’ll experience different times of day, changing weather conditions and realistic damage and physics in cars. Toggle the first-person view and marvel at the beautiful graphics and the detailed cars. And there are many other features that will please all you simulation fans out there!

But the game also allows for a more casual play! If you want a more arcady feel, you can adjust the physics, the game’s difficulty and play style (ie. more or less aggressive driving). You won’t be forced to get into the hardcore simulation mindset!

And, to top it all off, you can record your gameplay, comment, edit and share your videos for others to see your achievements, via the Everyplay Service.

Driving Zone: Germany brings you the authentic German driving experience and gives you the chance to become the best driver in town. Now is your chance!

About This Apk
NameDriving Zone: Germany
Size98.09 MB
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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