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Are you concerned about the ingredients in your food? Do you want to be able to know which ingredients are really bad for your health and what is the meaning of an E number? Use E-inspect Food Additives to identify more than 500 additives (E numbers) that are present in many everyday food products.


✔ Supports English and Slovene languages.

✔ Safety rating of each additive is provided as one of the following categories: “considered safe”, “suspicious”, “avoid”, “dangerous” or “risk unknown”. The safety ratings are based on recent studies and are updated with each new version of E-Inspect Food Additives.

✔ Information if an additive is approved in EU is provided.

✔ Information is provided about additive origin (synthetic and/or natural) and whether the additive is animal based which means that it is not suitable for vegetarians.

✔ Alternative names that are often used for certain additives are provided.

✔ You can search for additives either by their E-number, name, alternative name or description.

✔ Many settings are available that you can use to customize the list of additives.

✔ Internet connection is NOT required to use the program.

✔ E-inspect is completely free (charge and add free). However if you like the app and wish to support our effort we kindly invite you to donate. To do so please visit our website.

✔ Adjustable font size

✔ Easy to use list of additives

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