Electric Thunder Screen

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Electric Thunder Screen” is an entertainment app, which displays on your phone screen simulation of electric thunder like while the thunderstorm. All lightings are generated in the place where you touch your display and

they spreads all over the screen. Electric bold sound and pulsating vibration makes the effect event more realistic. With multi touch support you can create more then one lightning strike by pressing screen in

multiple places (available only for phones with multi touch support).

Moreover you can customize appearance of thunders. You can change color of the strike or color of the strike’s glow. You can also enable the option for colors to change randomly, which generates a very interesting effect.

There is also a setting to adjust amount of bolts on screen and their thickness.

Electric thunder effect can be displayed on transparent background (background will the the last opened app), or you can set the effect to be displayed on your home screen wallpaper (you can find instructions how to

do it in the app).

How to use this app? You can prank your friends, that your phone generates thunder lights, or you can give the phone to your friend and tell him to touch the screen. He may think that he was hit by electric shock.

Electric Thunder Screen” features:

– set electric thunder effect as live wallpaper

– custom bold color, size and amount.

– electric sound and vibration

About This Apk
Name Electric Thunder Screen
Size 1.48 MB
Version 1.1
Developer Just4Fun
Category Entertainment
Supports Android 4.0 +