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If you like magic and battles in the game Minecraft Pocket Edition then recommend modes Elemental Witches, which adds to the game after 7 and new magic items. Each witch has its own unique, magical powers, such as fire, water, earth, etc. Every time you kill one of them, you will fall out of the shards of magic that you will be able to create a magical staves.

How to find the witches?

What would encourage witch, you need call the eggs that the easiest way to receive events using TooManyItems by which to get them is not difficult.

Each of the seven witches is a real boss, with unique abilities and requires a unique approach in the battle. After you kill any of them at the site of her death you will find the pieces to create a weapon.

Identifiers appeal eggs

Egg Witch Fire call (420)

Appeal Egg Witch Water (421)

Appeal Egg Witch Earth (422)

Appeal Egg Witch World (423)

Appeal Egg Witch Air (424)

Appeal Egg Witch of Darkness (425)

Egg Witch Thunderstorms call (426)

About This Apk
NameElemental Witches Mod for MCPE
Size4.16 MB
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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