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Download Era of Heroes apk free . #Era_of_Heroes . Newest Update:

I. Level cap of main character elevated to level 100. Increase VIP level cap to VIP14. VIP11-VIP14 Luxury Packs will be available in the Mall.

II. Pet

Pet System will unlock at Lv40. Pets can be obtained from Normal Dungeon, Dragon Boss or other events. Pet adds attribute to all of the deployed heroes.

III. Battle Competition System

Battle competition will be held once a day.

1. Players can spend silver to register and challenge.

2. After registration, top 32 will be automatically matched for competition.

3. During the competition, Players will be matched to battle with each other in the current formation (formation can be changed during the promotion countdown). The one with higher battle power will attack first.

4. Players can choose one of the top 4 players to Cheer Up. If the player that you cheer up wins the championship, you will get Cheer Up rewards after event.

5. Lucky players that picked from the top 32 and the Cheer Up team will get Lucky rewards after event.

IV. Skill Learning System

Learn skill from Mentor to increase your relationship. When the relationship reaches up to a certain level, players can learn Mentor’s rage skill. Players enter Skill learning panel (Kismet-Learn Skill) to choose mentors and their specific rage skill to learn.

1. Skill learning will randomly activate specific cases, the more the same cases, the more Intimacy you will get.

2. Click “Hero-Fashion” button to switch the Rage Skill you learn from Mentors.

V. Hero Evolve

Specific +7 heroes can be evolved from 5-star to 6-star after reaching lv75.

After Evolution: Hero appearance will be evolved; Hero grade, basic stats, LDRSHIP, PWR, WIS will be evolved; Normal skill and rage skill will be evolved; Treasure Link of specific heroes will be evolved. Level and talent of +7 5-star hero will be inherited to 6-star hero, new talent will be activated.

The following heroes can be evolved after this update:

Wei: Zhang He, Guo Jia, Cao Cao, Xiahou Dun, Zhang Liao

Shu: Wei Yan, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, Guan Yu, Zhuge Liang

Wu: Taishi Ci, Lv Meng, Gan Ning, Lu Xun, Sun Ce

Qun: Zhang Jiao, Jia Xu, Hua Tuo, Diao Chan, Zuo Ci

VI. Hero Transform

Unlock at Lv74. Players spend gold to transform a spare hero to another with the same grade. (Only available for the heroes that are obtainable in the Mall). If the Awake skill of the spare hero is already activated, it will be inherited to the target hero, who can only reactivate the Awake skill after clearing corresponding Hero Legend Dungeon.

VII. Hero Legend

Unlock at Lv50. 5-star hero can complete corresponding Hero Legend Dungeon to learn Awake Skill with Jadesoul.

IX. Recourse Mine

Players can occupy specific mines in Recourse Mine panel to win plenty of Silver.

X. Dragon Treasure & Cast

Players can get lots of equip cast materials in Dragon Treasure. With the materials, 5-star equips can be casted to 6-star in Cast.

XI. City Capture

City Capture unlocked after legion reaches lv5

1. Legion Leader or Deputy can choose one or more cities to register, only the top 3 legions with most contribution points can successfully register. If the city is being occupied, only the top 2 legions can attack the city after registration.

2. Legion which wins the City Capture battle will successfully occupy this city and get corresponding city recourse.

3. Different city owns different passive buff. Only members of the legion that occupies the city can be buffed.


Based on the classic tales of the Three Kingdoms of ancient China, Era of Heroes brings you humorous game plots, cute characters, and a story from another world. Experience a take on the legendary Three Kingdoms story that can be enjoyed by those new to the tale, and those who already love it.


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