Fire Eggs

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Hot earth, cloud cloud of flame burning, yielding a very high temperature eggs, enjoy rocking it, Keyihuode special treasure yo!

Eggs which bears, pet dragon, flame sword, toys, all kinds of puppets, fire elves, Firebird, reward card or a fine wonderful weird stuff, it will only get a real break, a very rare treasure, who do not know what is inside, but everyone crazy download play!

Eggs flame is burning combustible material, the generated light, heat gas region. Flame from a large and concentrated in a small block of exothermic reaction (such as: combustion, a self-sustaining oxidation reaction) caused when the flame itself to be able to heat the gas becomes ionized when plasma.

Flame egg can generally be divided into three layers: the inner layer, said inner flame, bluish, because the lack of oxygen, incomplete combustion, with reduction, it is also known as “reducing flame”; middle brighter than the temperature inside the story; said outer Waiyan as a colorless flame, because sufficient oxygen, complete combustion, the highest temperature, with oxidation, so called “oxidizing flame.”

Overheating fingers, allowing the eggs hatch faster, enjoy going all out to get the best surprises yo! ! ! Creative Destruction is a sandbox survival game that features the utmost fun of building and firing.

About This Apk
Name Fire Eggs
Size 19.34 MB
Version 1.1.6
Developer cpp colorful-eggs
Category Apps
Supports Android 4.0 +