Holiday Special

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Challenge to score more then 50. Ready to take challenge. Let’s start to prove your self.

The newer version of all Black white tile game (tiles games). Now play with christmas colors. Start count down to christmas. Ready for holiday or christmas day.

This is holiday game for special person who want to do something challenging. We are challenged to people who are smart to play. Score higher then 50 in our game.

It is not tiles game. It is holiday game. It have christmas hidden object to display and you must touch it to score higher. It have christmas pictures.

This game like tile games Black and white (black white, don’t step on the white tiles, black tile, white tile, don’t touch the white, piyano free games, piano, white), There are nothing like it but here is christmas with gifts, santa, christmas days, christmas pictures, christmas songs, christmas musics, christmas radio all are here.

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About This Apk
NameHoliday Special
Size19.66 MB
DeveloperKids Learn With Fun
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +