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HotSpot Tethering AP-Free

It allows you to step into the hotspot settings page to share your 3G/4G network as a WiFi Access point (AP)

Some models are using the Android user interface comes, while you want to turn on WiFi hotspot, it takes several steps to go deeper network settings to turn on or turn off sharing features. This app helps you step directly into the tethering settings page, even toggle hotspot for saving your valuable time.

Now it offers schedule function allows you set several rules to perform turn on, turn off or reset the device hotspot automatically, even if the device is under locked state or far away from you.

* Program Features:
1. Easy to use
2. You can create a desktop shortcut, click the shortcut directly into the settings page of network sharing
3. Can be displayed on the notification bar and Operation, and toggle hotspot
4. FAQ unit lets you easily know the mobile WiFi hotspots related concepts
5. display a shortcut and description for managing data usage
6. scheduling the hotspot and display the history
7. Do not be evil: it never collects your personal privacy, nor show ads outside of its screen, please use at ease

Everyday we plan, execute and may lose some unimportant options, but are they really puny? The tiny things may always bother someone like me. In some time I want to share my network and some time not want. I share my network with family in the house but I leave to travel, at this time my phone crashes or no power, then they restart my phone, no one know how to unlock my screen. They need my network, how to do?

In these cases we need this app to execute my schedule. it can automatically start the portable hotspot when device is booted. Second, We don’t need to share network with the kids at the mid night. Furthermore when I enter my car, I hope the hotspot turn on automatically to share the network with my another GPS device by detecting the bluetooth connection.

All I need do is just to open the schedule module of the app, and set a rule or click some checkbox, then those tiny things would never bother me anymore. 🙂

* Because of the security policy of Google, Android 8 (Oreo) or later system limits third party app for manipulate system hotspot to share internet connection, instead our app support another way to create a local hotspot to share a closed network. So that the connected devices can still use it to transfer data, for example, play connective game, screen projection, web application developing… etc.. In the other hand, the Advanced Feature of it on Android 7 or earlier system still can operate the System Hotspot to share the network of out-going internet, and we will still maintain and upgrade it in the future.

* See our tutorial film here:

* Note:
1.In some Android6.0 or later devices, When launch this app or invoke some functions, it may ask to open the system permission, please allow it to let the relative functions work well.
2.There is another paid version in the Play Store, it occupies small storage space, no ads, no extra steps to use more convenient, and support older Android 2.2 devices.

About This Apk
NameHotSpot Tethering Free/WiFi AP
Size3.17 MB
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +