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Do you want to find out which of your friends visits your posts on Social Media the most?

Would you like to know who visits your profile even if they are not your friends on FB?

Or who of your friends gives you more likes or who leaves you more comments?

Do you want to know who of your friends is your most loyal friend on social media?

Track and follow the movements of your friends on social media posts with our How I like? It offers you the most completed and exclusive reports about your stats on FB. Now you will see what is not possible to see without this app.

How I like? provides you reports about the activity on your social networks, who visits your profile, who gives you likes on your posts and much more. It gives you the most complete information, even more than FB or other social networks.

It is the most requested service by users and the one FB does not offer information about.

Download now How I like? and start knowing more about your FB friends.

Main characteristics:

– Works on all Android devices

– Achieve reports in few minutes

– Available in several languages such us EN, FR, ES…

About This Apk
NameHow I Like
Size9.56 MB
DeveloperMobile App Generation
CategoryVideo & Music
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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