Impossible Run – Hard Game

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Features of this impossible run game:

★Very High difficult game, impossible game.

★You can check the % of your progression.

★”Glow” Graphic engine.

Impossible, ultra mega difficult and unbeatable games are very popular, and rightly so, this impossible run are a challenge reserved for only the most daring players, those who have no fear of failure, rising again and again and do not stop until achieving victory so, you have to be patience.

For this type of player is created this impossible run game, so if you’re not one of them do not download this game and go play with candies or little birds, here we admit only brave players, thanks.

Well, now that you’re alone and I’ll explain what is the game, but probably will have already played some hard games and you know that it’s all about.

Basically its a impossible run game, unable to stop, at a fairly fast speed and avoiding all kinds of obstacles and holes on top of that, if that were not enough, to which you fall for one of them or you touch any obstacles you will have to return to start.

So it is very normal to die again and again, but you have to be patience, the key to defeating impossible run Proto HardGame is perseverance, patience and lots of practice will end up coming to the end, I would like you to understand the message I want to convey with this game, no matter how hard it is anything you are able to accomplish what you set out the basis of will and effort.

So download Proto Hard Game now and show who’s the boss!

About This Apk
NameImpossible Run – Hard Game
Size6.42 MB
DeveloperRubén Izquierdo
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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