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From one of the funniest modern comedians in the world Kevin Hart comes the Little Jumpman Game. This vertically challenged game of skill will make you laugh and cry with Kevin as he reaches for the sky. It’s addictive and hilarious, just like Kevin, and you’ll not want to put this game down. Kevin’s YouTube video channel, Twitter and Facebook updates are at your fingertips 24/7 right in the App as well.

Use the accelerometer to guide Kevin left and right as he jumps to each platform. Stay on the green barrels as much as possible to gain the maximum amount of points per jump! Don’t let the clock run out because you are one/dead/caput/over if that happens. The clock extends 60 seconds each 300 points. If you get in trouble shoot the rocket by tapping anywhere on the screen at anytime and that will give you 50 points and a serious boost. As a hint, the rocket can save you as well if you miss a platform and going down but keep in mind you can only have 2 rockets stored for use at a time so if you get low..make sure an grab some more. Collect more points from diamonds or coins as well to supplement your point total.

Check your score on the Open Feint leader board and see where you rank amongst your friends or other players around the world. Some big scores being thrown up so get in the mix.

Enjoy Little Jumpman!!

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NameKevin Hart
Size7.51 MB
DeveloperBent Pixels
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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