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Learn Indonesian Like a Native

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Download Learn Indonesian Like a Native apk free . #Learn_Indonesian_Like_a_Native . “Learn Indonesian Like a Native” will be one of your best friends that will make your Indonesian learning experience easier and more practical. Our content is translated and recorded by native speakers with the right intonation and expression. This way you can truly utilize the power of listening in your Indonesian learning adventure.

This app can also act as a handy Indonesian phrasebook for your quick reference whether you are travelling to Indonesia, staying in Indonesia or you just want to impress your Indonesian friends.

Main Features:

– Free

– Translated by a native speaker

– Recorded by a native speaker

– Hand picked content for the fastest learning and very practical

– Big content, essentials words and phrases available in 13 categories.

Who this app is for:

– Language enthusiast, student, teacher

– Tourist, traveler, backpacker

– Business people (visiting or staying)

– Communicate with your Indonesian friends

– or simply anyone who wants to learn Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia).

Even more reason why this app is best:

– Super clean, easy to use, and intuitive interface

– Mark phraseswords as favorites for faster access

– Smart and simple search, you can search in English or Indonesian

– Play all phraseswords in a category for easier learning

Available categories:

> Pronunciation

> Basic Survival Phrases

> Meeting People

> Further Conversation

> Country of Origin

> Numbers

> Date and Time

> Directions

> Food

> Accommodation

> Transportation

> Holidays and Festivals

> Safe Travel

> More coming soon…

What’s with the in-app purchases?

Our app is totally FREE and not crippled in any way for you to purchase anything to get the best out of it. The in-app purchase is only there to enable you to support our team to continue developing this app, by buying the no ads package. With just one time payment, you can get rid of the ads for once and all.

There is a possibility that we will add extra categories for more advanced needs, which is not for everyone. But we are sure that our current data available for free are extensive enough.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

-Nelson Mandela

Please let us know how we can make this Learn Indonesian (phrasebook) app better for you.

Thank you!

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