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Download Lemon Drinks apk free . #Lemon_Drinks . This is a virtual surprise drink application, you must shake the drink 100 million times, keep shaking, be careful not to fly the phone fly, no matter how much time you can spend, is the best time to play the best game to play, you You can find a friend to ask the students to help, but only a surprise reward, please note that this is a very critical thing, do not want to be other people away, fast shake finished, remember to get back your phone.

Fruit is mainly used for cooking, and sometimes also used as cooking seasoning, but the basic not used for fresh, because too sour. The fruit contains 5% citric acid. Each liter of lemon juice contains 501.6 mg of vitamin C and 49.88 g of citric acid.
Lemon by the Arabs to Europe, ancient Greece, Rome, the literature are not recorded in the 15th century in Genoa, Italy began planting in 1494 in the Azores Islands, because it is rich in vitamin C, solve the Westerners Fatal problem of long-range navigation – scurvy, the British Navy had used to supplement vitamin C. Lemon rich in vitamin content, the lemon slices or juice soaked, can prevent or dilute the skin pigmentation, can have the role of whitening moisturizer,
Lemon extract of essential oils can be used as sterilization, astringent. Increase the body against infection resistance. On the vein area Zhang, gastric ulcer, anxiety, depression, digestive problems helpful. Help emulsify, break down grease. Can be used for hair rinsing, cleaning wounds, and some cleaning products.

Lemon lemonade, lemon honey, salted lemon seven-up, etc., each nutritional value are extraordinary, there is a lot of vitamins, is a normal can drink the best value of the drink. The drink is divided into lemon tea, lemonade, lemon cola, It!

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