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Were you often planning to take a mortgage to buy a house or a loan for the car? Were you considering to save your money in a deposit account or acquire a life insurance? Our Loans and Deposits app saves your time, nerves and bares all the complex calculations for every possible mortgage you plan to lend or deposit you want to save. We have combined the most widespread loan and deposit types and options like:

– Annuity and differentiated loans

– Fixed and recurring deposits

– Down payment, disposable and periodical commission conditions

– Monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual compounding options

– Calculation for up to 50 years period

With a free financial calculator version you can:

– Get a smart summary of your loan and deposit with periodical payment, amount of interest paid, real and effective interest rate, total loan cost and earned deposit interest

– Full financial explanation for each deposit and loan option

– Select your currency and language

Pro version offers you advanced features:

– Get the amortisation payments and payouts schedule for the whole period to access your possible profits and loan affordability.

– Get the amortization chart of your payments plan (payments schedule / EMI / Equity Monthly Installments), total interest, principal and commission ratios, total payment and growth history.

– Save your loans and deposits to favourites with smart icons and names to have full control over your financial data (real estate, car, vacation, education, jewellery, yacht, bike, flight, decoration, etc.).

Loans & Deposits will help you to find the most suitable credit options and most profitable savings!

Get back to us and we will try our best to support you and to adopt the app for your needs!

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About This Apk
Name Loans & Deposits
Size 5.19 MB
Version 1.0c
Developer CoreWillSoft
Category Finance
Supports Android 4.0 +