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Your spirit leads ayakashi demons astray ——

Your senses are so strong that demons start attacking you.

In order to protect you, your grandmother introduces you to the great Abeno Seimei, who will let you stay on his side. However, all those living in “Yokai Apartments” with you are… Yokai! And one of them will become your bodyguard…!?

The sadistic, bossy Tengu; a playboy nine-tailed kitsune; a cool, bewitching demon. Choose your path and start an exciting cohabitation!☆

◆ Play Specs

・Receive 5 FREE Scenario Tickets every day and use them to increase his Affection towards you!

・Make your choices and proceed with the story: it’s so easy!

・Check out many Limited Events!♪

Category/Genre: Romance ADV / Yaoi / BL

Age Restrictions: for all ages

Price: Free to Play (in-app purchase)

About This Apk
Name Love Pandemonium | BL Game
Size 52.33 MB
Version 1.0.7
Developer Abracadabra Inc.
Category Apps
Supports Android 4.0 +