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Tea ceremony is a solemn ceremony from Japan, but there are many kinds of tea, usually can be drunk, healthy tea contains delicious, very good drink choice, and tea is also very simple way to drink a cup of tea a day, The cycle of the human body and health, which is a strategy simulation game containing tea ceremony, which a lot of tea to their own harvest, all harvested so far, continue to click on the middle of the teapot can be harvested.

The teapot is a mouthpiece for tea and tea. It consists of four parts: the lid, the pot, the bottom and the foot. Teapot size selection according to the number of tea may be, but also need to depend on the characteristics of brewing tea, Chaozhou Gongfu tea teapot is relatively small. Teapot in addition to the general shape of the orange type, there are melon-shaped, persimmon-shaped, diamond-shaped, drum-shaped, hexagonal, pot surface decoration patterns have changed. Material, a porcelain, ceramic, glass, cast iron and sterling silver, pottery and Zisha pottery is better.
In addition to the appearance of aesthetic factors, the water is smooth and straight must also be considered. In addition, with your fingers to suppress the hole on the lid, and then try to dump the pot of water, teapot must be leakproof before showing the pot lid and the pot body of the good adhesion.

Summer tea, Alishan Oolong tea, Mt. Fuji tea, etc., are great drinks, the body is also an excellent health drinks, you will like, because this is everyone’s favorite tea in the king.

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