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Download Make It Rain apk free . #Make_It_Rain . Storyline:

Dr. Steve Martin is a talented nephologistaeromechanical engineer who has just discovered how to create forcefield that causes clouds to generate greatly increased rainfall in addition to becoming sentient and gaining emotions.

Seeking to capitalize on his new invention, Steve Martin travels to Somalia with the aim of being adobted as their fearless leader due to the increased rainfall.

Upon arriving there, Steve Martin tests his forcefield, expending large amounts of money in the process to power the forcefield generator.

Unfortunately, the clouds, now sentient, don’t feel like raining, and would rather just float around blissfully.

Steve Martin’s solution is to ascend into the clouds in a hot air balloon and TEACH THEM A D*** LESSON. But it won’t be that easy.

The militaristic environmentalist group ENVIRO-SAVE, upon hearing of Steve Martin’s bizarre experiments, has brainwashed the local avians with the help of their own mad scientists to take down Steve Martin’s weather balloon.

They greatly disapprove of him fiddling with the environment. Also, the clouds will not go gently into that good night, and will strike back at Steve Martin.

Time is wasting! you must endear the people of Somalia to you before you run out of money to power your forcefield! Drill into those clouds and MAKE IT RAIN!

How to play:

– Move the weather balloon by tilting the phone.

– Tap the screen to fire a drill at that spot.

– Shoot clouds to make them cry.

– Collect enough rain to progress.

– Angry clouds can shoot lighting bolts at you. If you are hit by one you become temporarily stunned, and cannot fire drills.

– You can use an EMP to stop thunder clouds on screen from attacking and removes any lighting already on screen.

– Watch out for geese. They are well known for making messes. If you are hit by it your rain meter will decrease due to confamination.

– The snow clouds cannot be collected, but you can fire a heat wave it turns the snow into rain.

About This Apk
Name Make It Rain
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Version 1.1.0
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