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A complete guide to maths formulas and concepts which is helpful in competitive like MBA , CAT , GMAT etc and curriculum exams .

The Complete Reference of Maths Formulas covering the following topics

* Trigonometry Formulas

Right Angled Definition

Pythagoras Theorem

Tangent Identitites

Even Odd Formulas

Multi angle formulas

Double Angle Formulas

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Trigonometric Ratios

*Geometry Formulas

Basics and Definitions


Areas and Circumference

Volumes and Surface Area

*Number System Formulas


Unit Digit

Last 2 Digits

*Divisibility Rules

*Algebra Formulas

*Exponents Formulas

*Logarithms Formulas

*Progressions Formulas

*Quadratic Equations Formulas

*Squares , cubes and roots Formulas

and many more with regular updates .

This maths formulas collection is useful for MBA exams , competitive and even curriculum exam .

It lists out all the important maths formulas/topics in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry. Regular review of these maths formulas and concepts will definitely help improve your grades.

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