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Memory and Mind Games

Download Memory and Mind Games apk

Memory and mind games for kids and adults alike featuring a colorful modern theme.

Four types of games:

-Classic memory:
With varying difficulty of grid sizes from 3×3 to 8×8.
Also play by matching pairs or increase the challenge and try to match triples.

-Find the animal:
A memory game where you are shown several images before they are hidden and then you must find the given image.
This game also has the options of trying to match from 1 to 3 images as well as a timed mode.

Try and remember the order of the shaking images.
You then must choose them in the same order. Includes 5 levels of difficulty in free play mode as well as a ‘marathon’ mode.
In marathon mode you start at the very beginning as the games difficulty gradually increases.

-What’s New?
You are shown some images and given a few seconds to view them. Remember where they are. They will fade out and reappear again but this time with some new images. You must pick the new images. Sounds easier than it looks. As the game progresses and more images are added the challenge increases.