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Download Memory Game apk free . #Memory_Game . Memory game is a simple and funny 2 match game, ideal for your children because they will train their brain, imagination and reflexion while having fun. Besides, kids will train the resolution of problems, and they will get a funny picture as a reward, stimulating their imagination and self-confidence.

There are many beautiful animals or items pictures. You try to find a pair of identical cards those can be connected by flipping up

When you exit a game, the state of the game will be automatically saved. So you can continue whenever you want.

* How to play:

– Remember the position of cards after seeing them uncovered for some time. Then they will flip down, you try to find pairs of identical cards by flipping up them as fast as you can

– You will get bonus score if you can make combos or you still get time remaining

About This Apk
Name Memory Game
Size 6.35 MB
Version 1.1
Developer VIGuys
Category Others
Supports Android 4.0 +