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Download Merge Apps & Tabs apk free . #Merge_Apps_&_Tabs . Apps & Tabs puts your browser history back where it belongs – into your recent tasks (the ▢ button)

Google silently removed this awesome feature shortly after introducing it in ICS

But luckily this great productivity boost is back with the Apps & Tabs Browser

Any new tab you open becomes a independent cards in your recent apps overview

You can than easily switch between your browser tabs from anywhere in your phone using the third navigation bar button (the ▢ button)

If you make Apps & Tabs you default browser you can open even links from other apps as separated cards

You can find more options and info under 3 dots menu Apps & Tabs Settings

Thanks for trying, give me feedback at [email protected]

About This Apk
NameMerge Apps & Tabs
Size1.89 MB
DeveloperUrbandroid Team
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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