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Download METAL SLUG x 2019 apk free . #METAL_SLUG_x_2019 . metal slug The masterpiece of metal slug 2D action-shooting, “METAL SLUG X”, lands on Android! Foil General Morden’s new coup attempt!!
Metal Slug Online is tailored for Arabic players metal slug. It is a shooting game which has the SNK authorization. Here you can level up your hero, make ally with your friends, unlock over 60 firearms and vehicles. Grab your weapon and join this epic battle. Fight for the victory! Fight for the glory!

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– Authorized by SNK, Metal Slug Online keeps the quintessence of the original. With better quality 2D pictures, it brings players with more vivid fighting excitement;

– Original gun types and vehicle design are preserved. More than 60 Hi-Tech firearms and vehicles are waiting with their unstoppable firepower;

– The classic design is remade. Famous characters, like Marco, Eri, Fio are remade close to the original models;

– 100 remade classic levels and 78 Bosses bring you the enormous enchantment of Metal Slug;

-Newly added 1v1 Arena Competition, 3v3 Real Time Duel and 40v40 Army Melee gameplays meet the fighting social needs of the player;

– Arabic customized gameplay and deep localization. A new character, Arabic Prince Amir is introduced to this game;

– With full respect to Arabic culture and belief, some Middle Eastern holidays special events are designed for this game such as Ramadan and Id al-Adjha.

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Metal Slug Online مصممة لللاعبين العرب. هي عبارة عن لعبه للقتال حيث تحتوي على تصريح الSNK. هنا يمكنك ترقية مستوى بطلك في اللعبة, ايضا يمكنك التحالف مع صديقك, فتح اكثر من 60 دبابات و سلاح ناري. خذ سلاحك وانضم الى هذه المعركة البطولية.


* مصرحة من SNK,Metal Slug Online تحتوى على الجوهر الاصلى, مع افضلية الصورة في بعدين, وايضا تجلب اللاعبين مع قتال حماسي حي.

* انواع التصميمات للاسلحة والعربات أصلية ومحفوظة. اكثر من 60 تقنية عالية بالنسبة الى الاسلحة النارية والعربات في انتظارك مع قوة قذف النيران التي لايمكن ايقافها.

* تجديد النظام العادي بحيث تم تعديل الشخصيات المعروفة مثل ماروكو, ايرى, فيو, الي صورة مقاربة لصورتهم الحقيقة.

* تجديد 100 مستوى عادي مع 78 زعيم يجلبون اليك السحر الهائل في Metal Slug Online

* حديثا اضفنا مسابقة ارينا 1 ضد 1, مبارزة في الزمن الحقيقي 3 ضد 3 و مشاجرة الجيش 40 ضد 40 اللعبة توفر كل الاحتياجات للقتال التي يمكن ان يطلبها اللاعب.

* اللعبة مخصصة للعرب مع الدقة في التوطين. شخصية جديدة مقدمة في هذه اللعبة, الامير العربي امير.

* اللعبة تحترم كل العادات والتقاليد والمعتقدات العربية, بعض العروضات الخاصة بالنسبة للشرق الاوسط مصممة في هذه اللعبة مثل رمضان وعيد الاضحي.

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“metal slug 3” is an action game shooter “metal slug” 2nd generation works, but also the series “metal slug” classical one more, the players are welcome.

encyclopedia :

Metal Slug 3 (メタルスラッグ 3?) is a run and gun video game developed by SNK. It was originally released in 2000 for the Neo-Geo MVS arcade platform as the sequel to Metal Slug 2Metal Slug X. The music of the game was developed by Noise Factory.[13] The game was later ported to the PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox Live Arcade, Virtual Console, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, Wii, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch. The game added several new features to the gameplay of the original Metal Slug and Metal Slug 2, such as new weapons and vehicles, as well as introducing branching paths into the series. It received generally positive reviews.

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Metal Slug x PlayStation one
Features list:

★A remake of “METAL SLUG 2”!

“METAL SLUG X” is an updated version of “METAL SLUG 2” with a lot of new elements for even more fun and excitement!

Bosses and other enemy characters await you at different points on the battlefield, so that even players who have perfected the previous installment will enjoy this new and improved game map!

★Shoot down your enemies with new weapons!!

New weapons, such as the “Iron Lizard” (remote-controlled missiles), the “Drop Shot” (bouncing landmines), and the “Enemy Chaser” (homing missiles), have been added to the impressive METAL SLUG arsenal.

★An “Arcade-Perfect” NEOGEO Port with extra features!

In addition to the classic “ARCADE MODE”, you can select any mission you have previously cleared and play them separately in “MISSION MODE”. You can enjoy your favorite stages at will and train on the missions you have not mastered yet!

★Precise and Customizable Controls!

The Autofire function allows you to fire continuously by holding down the Shot button. Moreover, you can change the position of your configuration outside of the game screen area in “Window” Mode. Enjoy every pixel of “METAL SLUG X” with your very own custom controls!

★Engage into intense Multiplayer gameplay via Bluetooth!

Now you can enjoy “METAL SLUG X” with a friend through a Bluetooth connection. Team up with a brother in arms to accomplish together the difficult missions available in “METAL SLUG X”!

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