Microphone Guard (Mute&Block)

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If you value your privacy then download Microphone Guard, activate the protection and its done. It will silently work in background and it will keep your microphone muted. Microphone Guard will not interfere with phone calls. They will be detected and the microphone will be enabled automatically. You can also choose if you want the microphone muted when you actively use the phone. You can also choose apps which will be allowed to use the microphone and Microphone Guard will unblock them automatically.
Stop those nosey ears from hearing you! This app will protect you from surveillance, spyware, malware, viruses and backdoor apps.
– fully working 24/7, not crippled as other apps
– disable protection on incoming or outgoing calls
– periodically checks if microphone is muted
– effectively blocks recording
– runs in background
– whitelist for your trusted apps (may not work in Lollipop)
– protection from spyware, malware and eavesdropping

About This Apk
NameMicrophone Guard (Mute&Block)
Size1.34 MB
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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