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MORE THINK wit games, which stand out with their different design in intelligence games, will be an ideal choice for those who love. Red and blue blocks in the game creates a puzzle and you need to solve the puzzle using your brain. Blue blocks in the game to be passed out of the game with a red block blocks the blue block in front of the game character. When you first start to play the game seems to be very easy as the level of the game gets very excited. WITNESS GAMES is a game where you can have fun while thinking and developing strategy. It is a great game for those who want to think and develop your brain and spend a pleasant time.

Take Out the Blue Block and Win

If you want to achieve success in the game, you must take the blue block out of the game and save it from the labyrinth. Red blocks every time you use your brain to develop strategies should overcome. The game board has a single exit point where the blue block can go out of play, and the red blocks set a set to block the blue block. When you play the game using your mind between the red blocks to the blue block must produce a way out. The game between SINGLE GAMES gives you the chance to experiment with yourself and your brain. Each level is becoming increasingly difficult in the game each time to find a new method for the liberation of the blue block remains.

Discover New Roads

You can develop yourself by discovering new ways at every level to save the blue bloc from the maze. With MORE THINK you can improve your capacity of thinking by developing your brain and developing strategies.

Red Blocks Paying Attention You Win
You can win the game by paying attention to the sequence of red blocks and the pitfalls like puzzles they have installed. The game has a single rule, it is also wise to take the blue block out of the game through the red blocks. For this you can win by thinking a bit and solving the path of the labyrinth.

You can use your brain quickly and actively to improve your intelligence. At the same time you can have a very enjoyable and enjoyable time while developing your brain. The game offers you a platform where you can use your brain actively and have fun.

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