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This Mortgage loans mini-course will give you insights into the world of mortgage loans and home financing.

Have you ever felt you should know more about the biggest loan you’ll ever take? The mortgage is a huge part of buying a house and you should know your options, figure your monthly payments (using mortgage calculator), understand the different mortgage loan types, learn what is emi and mortgage insurance etc.

This mini-course is also crucial If you already have a mortgage because you must understand the terms of your mortgage and check if you should refinance your mortgage (We live in a time in which refinancing can often save a lot of money because of the low interest rates).

This course will give you the tools and information that has a great value and may save you tons of money.

You will learn how to lower mortgage loans rates, how to use the mortgage calculator, understand if you should refinance your mortgage and more.

We have a few extra tools for you that will help you get the most of the app:

* Weekly reminder – Schedule lessons time and days of the week, in which you want to use the time learning and using the app. The app will notify when it’s time.

* Notes tool – here you’ll write your notes and ideas you’ll want to remember later on.

* A share button that will help you share what you’ve learned with your friends.

You get here free mortgage calculator and free mortgage mini-course

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