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Lets you memorize numbers easier by creating word associations automatically for you.

Are you struggling to remember certain telephone numbers, birth dates, pin numbers, or any other number for that matter?

Well, you are not alone. – It is a known fact that our brain remembers words and objects easier than numbers.


By creating word associations from a number, those hard to remember numbers suddenly gets easy and fun to remember.

Name My Number is a tool that makes numbers easy to remember.

You can create words from any number you would like.

How does it work?

Some of you may know the technique as “Phone spell”. Or you may have used Vanity numbers.

Lets say that you for some reason wanted to remember the number: 246265283.

It may be hard to remember that number, at least it you need to remember it for a while.

Here is what you do:

You find your Name My Number app, enter the numbers and press play.

One of the result is “Chocolate”.

Chocolate is much easier to remember than 246265283.

So you remember the word, and you can forget about those meaningless numbers.

When you need to recall your number, you think of the word chocolate. Then when you “dial” the characters out on a keypad, you get your number. (C=2, H=4, O=6, C=2, O=6 … ).

You can dial the number either “mentally” or by looking at a phone or a similar keypad.


Not only does this make it easier for you to remember your number, it is also handy if you’d like to communicate you number to other people. – “You can reach me at 555-1nerd4hire.”


The following languages are currently supported for word creation:











Try it out! I’s free 🙂

There are plenty of fun stuff you can do with Name My Number if you get creative:

– Who among your friends has the funniest phone number?

– Which relatives has the strangest zip code?

– Perhaps you girlfriend has a fun birth date?

– Maybe the registration number of your car has a fun twist?

– Make people you meet remember your phone number right away.

– Finally remember your credit card number.

– Remember latitude and longitude coordinates.

– Remember nerdy stuff like 24 decimals of PI: 3,141 592 653 589 793 238 462 643 can be spelled like 3,1415 Yank Flux Rye Bet 4 Mange 🙂

– Try different languages for optional results.

Get creative with your numbers!

Things to remember:

– Since this app creates automatic suggestions for the “Phone Spell” memory system, the numbers 0 and 9 tends to break up words.

Still, great sentence or individual words may arise from your number, so try it out.

If you get a really fun or great sentence from your phone number, or any other number, I would love to here about it.

Please send me an e-mail, and I’ll compile a top 10 list of the best results.

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