Naruto Utimate Ninja Heroes

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Ultimate Ninja Heroes is more of an action game whereas Naru Portable was more story oriented.

The game also features 20 characters and several new features, such as a three-on-three fighting system, wireless two-player battles, and “hidden” team skills.

The simple goal is to fight the opposing character and to win by reducing their health to zero. Along with the various weapons available to the characters also have their various special abilities taken straight from the series. To use these attacks, however, the player must have the required chakra as indicated by the “chakra bars” located under the players health. Using the technique drains the chakra bar which can be regained through various methods, including special, character specific methods for some characters.

Some characters feature the ability to activate special mode by inflicting the special techniques which enhances their status and gives them new abilities. It also features several items, like shuriken and kunai.

About This Apk
NameNaruto Utimate Ninja Heroes
Size229.16 MB
DeveloperSuper Nato Warriors
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +