Optimize Master: Speed + space

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Noticing problems with your phone’s performance? Optimize now for a faster, freer smartphone.


Close idle app processes with a single tap and take back the processing power they’re consuming so your phone is exclusively focused on the apps you want to run! You’ll notice the difference right away on the handy CPU meter display. If there are processes you never want to close in Optimize Master, simply long-press them and choose “Protect from stopping”.


Some apps use more than their fair share of space by aggressively caching temporary files in your phone’s memory. Optimize Master can clear caches with a single tap. You can even schedule a cache sweep at a time that suits you, for example in the early hours so you wake up to a phone that’s refreshed and ready for another day!

Hundreds of thousands trust Optimize Master to get more out of their phones – now you can too!

About This Apk
Name Optimize Master: Speed + space
Size 2.75 MB
Version 1.94
Developer DX Tool
Category Apps
Supports Android 4.0 +