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You have a unique opportunity to expose Donald Trump Impeachment!

Or stand up for him and not let the donkeys offend!

Collect as many distributions of solitaire as possible.

Collect your own statistics.

Take part in the general vote in support of Donald Trump!

Or for Impeachment Donald Trump!


The logic of the game is based on the most common card game – Solitaire Klondike.


Card game Patience Trump uses the author VjSav deck of cards, where the main characters are fictional characters.

However, they are easy to recognize real figures in the field of political battles, one way or another, really or just by rumors related to the current US President Donald Trump.

Card game Patience Trump has a classic design, with a green canvas playing field.

In the Settings menu – Change background, you can choose the variation of The White house or Congress.


For the game Patience Trump created video lessons that will help novice players to master this exciting game.

And more experienced players will be able to gain skill, and increase their rating.

Go to the video lessons you can from the Main menu of the game, the item Video Rule.


Get joy from the process of playing Patience Trump.

The game is intelligent, it is necessary to show resourcefulness, wit and reaction.

And the routine operations to fine-tune the cards to their destination, the intelligent algorithm of the game will take over.

You can even play cards in ping-pong, directing them out of the screen. Pushing away from the edge of the screen, the card itself will find its place.


Enjoy every game in Patience Trump, each solitaire gameplay is completely random.

The algorithm for obtaining a random variable is used closest to the distribution of natural accidents in the universe.

Shuffling of cards is close to the most reliable and time-tested type of shuffling cards – careful manual mixing.

According to expert estimates, in order for the sequence of cards to be really random, it is necessary to shuffle 7 times.

In the game, cards shuffle more than 7 times. In each new game you get a really random layout of cards.


The task of the game Patience Trump is to open all the cards in the deck (top left) and in the assembly points (in the center), and collect all the cards in the houses (top right).

In the houses the arrangement of the cards is from the ace, then the deuce, the three, and further to the king of the same suit.

In places of assembly, the location of the cards is from the king, then the lady, jack, and then with alternating suits of red and black.

When all cards are open, automatic assembly is started.


Get satisfaction from the result of each game in Patience Trump and the results of all games you played.

At any given time, you can interrupt the game for a timeout, and evaluate the current statistics of your game.

In case of successful assembling of the solitaire, you will be provided with complete information not only for the current game, but all statistics of the games you played.

General voting

You can also participate in the ranking of all players in the card game Patience Trump.

Good luck in the game!

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