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PoaApp Messenger is a mobile messaging application which enables you to send texts, pictures, audios, videos and documents to friends, relative and groups over internet network at no cost. PoaApp Messengers comes with the following features;

a)Chat; send texts, pictures, audios, and videos with friends, relative and loved ones over 2G/3G/4G or Wi-Fi network at no cost.

b)Group; Create as much groups as you can and invite as many members to join your group. With us there is no restriction with number of members who can join your group.

c)Call; Are you out of airtime/credit to call, worry not, with PoaApp messenger you can call anyone who have PoaApp messenger at free of charge.

d)Document; with PoaApp Messenger now you can choose to receive or send your documents of any kind for review or simply share your office work with your manager/boss/head of department/office or schoolmates without a need to memorize all their individual e-mail accounts, names or numbers.

e)Location; share location with your friends, relatives and loved ones

f)Contact; share contact with your friends, relative and loved ones

g)Synchronization; Do you have more than one device and you want to connect all devices using one mobile number/e-mail accounts? Worry not, PoaApp Messengers allows you to connect more than one device by using one mobile number or e-mail account. All your messages, pictures, audios, videos and documents get synchronized to all devices. So with PoaApp Messenger your audios, videos, pictures and documents will never be lost.

Coming up features

a)Music Streaming; PoaApp users will be able to play online or offline their favorites songs from local and international artists anytime, anywhere.

b)News feeds; all local and international news updates will be available

c)E-commerce; PoaApp users will be able to sell or buy products from other users within PoaApp network

d)Channels/Official Accounts; special accounts for celebrities, artists, politicians, radio, television stations, sports teams, political parties and others will be available.

e)Discovery; this feature will show the list of featured groups, most popular channels where users will choose which one to join.

About This Apk
NamePoaApp Messenger
Size32.34 MB
DeveloperPoa Group Limited
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +